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Fort InvesTech is a company which provides automated software for investing and trading in the stock markets. This enables clients to create wealth without the hassle of active monitoring or spending all the best steroid for muscle growth time on the stock markets. Our data driven, customizable software helps you build your investment portfolio in absolute alignment with your interest, with less risks and consistent returns, while keeping the funds accessible to you at all times.

Fort InvesTech Helps You Trade And Invest With Ease

Why Invest using Fort InvesTech?

Smart Investing

A tool which unlocks your investment potential enabling consistent returns


Time is precious, our system allows clients to step away from investment and trade monitoring.

Value Addition

Strategies to work on your cash flows and taxes, and hedging to ensure that risks are minimized.

Safe and Secure

Your money. Your account. Our systems.

SIRIUS - Our Automated Software to Enable Trading and Investing.

Sirius, our data driven SaaS based software, is 100% automated, customisable and currently live . It automates your low risk-optimised return strategies, planned cash flows, your tax strategies, advantages of buy and hold.

5 Reasons to Use SIRIUS

Live since 2018

100% Automated

Data Driven

Risk Management

Consistent Returns

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