Fort Investech

About Us

Get To Know Us

We are a Fintech Company providing Client driven Risk Managed returns in securities Market using technology.

Who We Are

Fort Investech is a DIFC- (Dubai International Finance Centre) registered Fintech Company that operates out of their innovation hub with collaborative partners in India and the US. Founded in 2018, we design and build 100% automated statistics-based algorithmic investing and trading systems for stock markets across the globe. 

By offering a unique value proposition of absolute alignment of clients’ interests with their portfolios, we enable the clients to be in absolute control of their funds and investment accounts. It is our constant endeavour to help our clients actively trade and  invest to gain consistent returns without spending all their time on the markets.

Meet Our Founders

Siddharth Goyal


As a Founder and Owner of Fort InvesTech, Siddharth has shaped the automated wealth management firm into what it is today. Prior to this, he was a spot forex trader and has 17+ years of experience in the field. He is highly skilled at statistical evaluation and drives the firm’s growth efforts. At other times, he always loves learning to code more.

Shivani Goyal


The Co-Founder and Owner of Fort InvesTech, Shivani is a finance professional with 18+ years in finance. A CA(India), CPA(US), and CA (Singapore), she has a diverse background on many aspects of finance with multinationals and has been focused on converting improvements in technology into better financial decisions.

It All Started With A Thought

In 2012, Siddharth (Goyal), an active spot forex trader, realized that manual / discretionary trading or investing is fraught with far too many challenges for a normal hardworking individual to handle – there is an overload of information and too many emotions get involved that prevent optimal decision making. Siddharth discussed this with Shivani (Goyal) and together they started a learning process of how to develop a system that follows data points and investment goals, and is based on statistical analysis.

The learning process led to a realization –  if the system designer (programmer/coder) doesn’t know about the markets or an investor doesn’t know about system design, the system will ultimately fail. To counter this obstacle, they spent the next 2-3 years developing a system that worked on risk management, trading, data collection and other associated elements. The systems were ready and live tested (personal account) by 2017. And thus, Fort Investech was born.

Now client accounts were required. In 2018, a client who was fed up with bank wealth manager products decided to try the system. He wanted to be on his own. They have been our clients since that time, and over time we have built trusted relationships with clients and automated their investment strategies and digital wealth management for multiple individual and corporate clients.

The Values That Guide Us


Our Plan For Our Future

To be a trusted partner for our clients and a respected leader in global wealth generation. Fort lnvestech was conceptualized to fill in the unmet needs of clients to trade and invest in worldwide markets, with efficient returns on time.

We Make It Our Mission…

To enable our clients to optimize their portfolio management to reach their long term financial goals. We achieve this through our automated investment strategies, adhering to our values and investment principles of our clients.

We Help Our Clients Grow Their Money

We transform financial lives with our 100% automated, statistical software for trading in stock markets. By automating investing and trading as per clients’ needs and risk tolerance, we help them follow their investment plan. Backed by decades of experience in automation of investing and trading we offer our clients faultless systems.

SIRIUS, our software, covers multiple markets, multiple asset classes and derivatives for client chosen investments  that follow client instructions. The system is capable of collecting up-to-the-second data for worldwide markets as per their requirements.