Fort Investech


Frequently Asked Questions

The software works on quantitative analysis of data to make optimal returns while hedging risks. It works with stocks, ETFs and derivatives.

The client can choose to customise the software as per their requirement. For example, if a client does not want derivatives to be in their portfolio they simply don’t select it at the time of on-boarding or later.

We charge a simple subscription fee for usage of the product. In case you choose multiple functionalities then the subscription price varies.

No, we are not a broker. We don’t take any brokerage / commission from the brokers we recommend to our clients. 

The Client needs to open an account with a few accredited brokers, after which, the client runs our software (completely automated) in his / her account. We do not get any share of brokerage from the broker and our only source of revenue is the fee which we have earned from the client.

  • We align your interests with capital protection and risk appetite.
    Traditionally, people have manually managed their money and investments, which can be a very time consuming and painful process, or they’ve paid very costly fees to have access to financial advisors and advanced investment strategies. 
  • All the interests of the investor whether you are a first-time investor just starting out, a seasoned investor wondering if you could be doing better, or a retiree thinking about ways to make your nest egg last.
  • For those seeking to be able to do investment with their own strategies but without any manual intervention and clients have witnessed consistent returns.
  • By mapping your risk profile on the software, the built in triggers, stop-losses, and various tools ensure that your capital is protected. However,the inherent risks of investments in the stock market do not go away by using our software.

Step 1:. Contact us 

Step 2: We set-up a call/zoom meeting

Step 2: You open an account with any compatible broker

Step 3: You sign our agreements for a software licence. 

Step 4: You transfer funds to your account with the broker and the software acts per your instructions 

We will be raising an invoice on you each quarter and the one-time fee will be charged at the start of the agreement.

The funds remain in your account at all times. When you wish to exit, you simply need to request a payout from the broker.

Broker websites will contain all the information in their reports and real-time analysis. 

Fort Investech is providing the tool to enable you to invest consistently in the markets.


Coming soon an app for a single glance report and other statistics.